Legacy IDs

With the introduction of the V4 API, the format of user and team IDs has changed. For 2.x, 3.x, and 4.0/legacy-api endpoints, IDs are numeric, while for 4.0 and above IDs will contain alphanumeric characters.

When interacting with the API, developers should take care to use the right ID for the right set of endpoints. For example, when querying the GET /4.0/oauth/token endpoint, the response will contain an id and a legacy_id attribute as shown by the example below.

   "id": "cinvup1au001as2nqyjyq07k0",
   "legacy_id": 1790300,
   "type": "individual"

When querying endpoints related to this user, you would use the legacy_id for all legacy endpoints, and the id for all 4.0 endpoints as demonstrated below.


curl -XGET https://api.socialtables.com/4.0/users/cinvup1au001as2nqyjyq07k0 -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"


curl -XGET https://api.socialtables.com/4.0/legacy-api/users/1790300 -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"

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