Socialtables Apps

Socialtables provides API access to third-party developers on behalf of users through apps. Each app is a confidential OAuth client, and receives an ID and secret which are used to obtain OAuth access tokens scoped to individual users. Any Socialtables user can create an app, and users can authorize apps individually as documented in authentication.

Provisioning a New App

To provision an app, developers should log into the developer portal and navigate to My Apps. This page will list a user's current apps, and provides a link to create an app.

Screenshot of 'My Apps' page with 'create a new app' call to action circled in red.
Click the 'create a new app' button to create a new app.
App creation page.
After typing in a name for your app, click on `create app`.

After completing this form, your app will exist. In order to allow users to use it, however, you should configure it for use with OAuth authorization code grants. To do this, click the configure app button, check the 'Enable OAuth Authoriation Code Grants' box on the configuration form, and provide an authorization code redirect URL. For details on how to configure this, see the authentication page or the OAuth RFC.

Managing Your Apps

You can see a list of your current Socialtables apps through the My Apps page.

App management page.
Click on the `show details` button next to an app to see its details and make changes.

For individual apps, use the app detail page to view OAuth client configuration parameters and make configuration changes.

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